It is addicting.

Well, as usual, what I am finding that I really do best is bring new writers forward into the light of the internet and blogosphere. I haven’t written much that impresses me of late, but they sure have and maybe that is more the point.

One agreed with me last night that this writing for an audience is invigorating, even addicting. It is. I feel disconnected in my person when I don’t ( theoretically – I know) touch base with you readers. So, I throw things like this up. It’s like a pat on the shoulder, I offer, even though I have no news or heartfelt sentiment to share.

My friends, long “in secret” writers, have come out, many of the students I taught are writing well and often and those I normally write alongside from a state or two away, are cranking out good and better stuff.

SO, I try to not be dismayed when I really don’t have much to say. It’s been pretty quiet in my head, unusual, but a good thing, I think.

I am getting geared up for the trip to Mexico we are taking the Edgers on. I’m pretty psyched and full of thoughts about that. So, I’ll be bringing those thoughts to page pretty soon. In the meantime, I am resting, listening, and just being, best I know how.

Hope you are enjoying your sumer.

What are you up to? Got anything to say? Here’s your forum. Take it away.



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2 responses to “It is addicting.

  1. Kim Perry

    I thought about you, and Trent, too, on our family trip to the Mountains this week. All 12 (!) of us floated down a stretch of the New River on bright blue tubes. Threatening skies meant we had the river to ourselves, so it felt like we were exploring and discovering something brand new the whole time. Which, in fact, we were, since none of us had been there before. We passed a few tiny cabins – shacks, really – they were right on the bank of the river, shielded by leafy green nature all around. I could almost see you on the porch of one – pen in hand, poetic prose on its way. I miss you!

  2. Sounds great! I would have loved to have floated down with y’all. Maybe we can meet in Tenn. some time and take on some big water together! I have been thinking about you all. Hope your summer has been a good one. Let me know if you guys will be in Athens anytime. We’ll drive over to see you.
    Love to all the Perry family.

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