Feel a fool, running your state side games…

Don’t we all feel like rats, ’round here at times? Well, I have to admit as a “writer want to be,” there is a huge part of me that would be totally okay with just disappearing off the grid, once these children get gone…on to school and life. I think about the second half of life occasionally.

I think about how I would like to spend it…where I might like to be, for a bit, a least. I dream of being some place where that the land, sky , sea are my only companions. Where solitude reigns…Where I could gather my thoughts… and listen to the sound of those friends, alone.

I got another invitation to help someone with a writing project  today. I don’t mind. I enjoy helping. But, sometimes, I wonder if I will ever get to my goal, writing, unless I just take the leap and leave out and offer up the time it requires.

Yes, I know some folks who write at home, in the fray…I’ve done a good bit of that, and I am sufficiently frayed about here. But, the things I have yet to say, to give voice will require more and less, if you know what I mean. There is a leap a coming.

And so, as my life rattles on toward this intersection, this weigh station, I wonder, how long I can forestall the telling, will the story  fade on me, grow old and tired of me? Will it wander away?

And though the things I do, I chose to do, and I love those whom I do them with and for, I wonder…



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2 responses to “Feel a fool, running your state side games…

  1. I love the wondering. So many people are scared to wonder. To question. To ask. To ponder. God can handle it. I know you know this. I cannot wait to see what your leap brings. You are AMAZING, right in the midst of the fray, so outside of that, I cannot even IMAGINE what Abba will do through and with and for and in you! You rock, Kim!

  2. P.S. James Taylor is one of my absolute favorites. Can’t get enough!

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