Who can you get your arms around?

It was a privilege to go to Mexico…a huge capital outlay in the scheme of things, worldwide. We each charged above the clouds on fuel costing the equivalent of a family’s yearly wages. We laid out dollars for fun and food that would have been a year’s food budget for an entire family. Were they wasted? Our monies, if not our efforts to make things a bit better? Should we have sent it on in our stead? There are arguments for such, against the self-focus of short-term missions. They make me stop and think, those lines of reasoning.

Others say, “Can any small act really do any good? What really changes for those children, when you leave?” I’ve been thinking about that… and my answer is… nothing, maybe,… if we don’t do more than take precious or probing pictures, eat a few tacos and battle a few bugs. Change comes only when we get our arms around in real ways…flesh and spirit alike. When we take hold of what we can, maybe not a nation, but a boy or girl, with a name and a favorite color. If we all were to grab up, hold close in prayer and elevate with our resource, just that one little boy or girl or maybe even a handful, much would change, at least for those few. And we can do that, many of us.

Not everyone can board that bird and hang with the not so ( hostile) in the hostel. Not everyone can go and see and touch and feel warm breath and tightening fingers. Not everyone can sense the search of hopeful eyes. But, everyone, who names the Name of Jesus, can do something: pray, give, sponsor, go.

We took these young people to Mexico to ruin them. All of us adults had been before, somewhere. We knew what we were doing, we didn’t for a moment hide that fact from them. We warned, “Your life is going to be ruined. All those plans… you’ll never see the world the same…You are going to fall in love and come to hate all that works against that love in you. Things in  you are going to die there…and so much in you be raised to Life.”

All of our kids will not spend their lives overseas or as “missionaries.” That’s not our goal. Our goal is that their lives and ours be lived always on mission: loving God and loving people.  Some of those people we are to love do live other places than we do. Lots of them do.

I hear the LOrd saying to me, “Kim, who can you get you arms around? Take them up and carry with Christ their burden, sit with them in their suffering and come near to help them in their need.”

What is He saying to you?



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4 responses to “Who can you get your arms around?

  1. amy spinks

    Awesome. Your heart is God’s!

  2. Just a few thoughts…
    1) It would take me 12 paragraphs to say what you’ve said in 6 brief paragraphs, oh Weaver of Words.
    2) I was ruined on a few short-term missions trips as a teenager and a college student.
    3) I am so glad you’re my friend and so THANKFUL for your perspective.


  3. So beautifully said. So amazingly true. Thank you for your love, it cost something. Thank you for being a bridge. Thank you for allowing a good wreck. Love you so much.

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