(I posted this Thursday on my group blog. But, I don’t want any of you to miss the chance to meet Sara this side of heaven. So, I am reposting this here as well.)

I learned yesterday that I was losing someone who has been a friend to me. As the words sunk into me, tears began to flow freely…

We, those of us ( all over the world) who have come to know her, started to pray her into Jesus’ arms not long before Epoch. I cried all through worship and Jeremy’s sermon. I couldn’t stop the tears, not that I wanted to. They flowed on late into the night. My is sight is blurred this morning as I write this. If my students who are testing today were to turn their heads toward me at my desk, they would witness me wiping tears from my chin. A river of God’s love is flowing through me for sweet Sara.

See, Sara is one of my favorite writer friends. I read her posts every morning, no fail. She is life and perspective to me…she helps me – she helps me to choose joy. She is the most real and the most joy filled person I have ever encountered. I have been reading her posts for about 18 months. And as I have read her words, I have been altered, rearranged and messed-up by God’s love.

Sara is a young woman, one too long ravaged by a disease that has confined her and then incapacitated her – left her and us – with only her precious words. Sara’s body started giving her over to home and our memory late last night. And we, all over the world, are grieving, not only for our example, our genuine leader in love, but a friend…

I feel like I did the day that Rich died, older friends say they felt the same when Keith left us: just hollow and unsure that life without them could continue to be as good…and yet, somehow called up to be more in their stead.

So, Sara, I will be more – all I know how to be. I will step in a bit to your cavernous call and speak bravely and trade generously in the currency of love. I will find joy everywhere, in all things…I will honor your memory and example and not forget your words and Who spoke them through you.

choosing joy,


I’ve linked up Sara’s site. There is not one wasted word upon it. If you haven’t met her before, it might be time.



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2 responses to “sara

  1. And now I cry again..after reading your words. I have met many of Sara’s friends this week. I hope we can become friends also 🙂
    xo, misha

  2. I have just begun to breathe after this month of Sara. I haven’t really read other blogs – other than Sara’s for the last month. That’s why am only now getting to this post. And now my heart stops and my breath hold again – because of your words. She did trade heavy in the currency of love – didn’t she? I really look forward to reading you more – and I know not every post will bring the tears that this one brought. I thought I was done crying. Maybe not so much. Kim, thank you. I know it sounds strange to say thank you for tears – but we’ll forget too soon, we will forget too soon – thank you for this reminder NOT to forget so easily. Thank you. God Bless and keep you and each and every one of yours Kim.

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