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Hey y’all! My pal is playing tonight!

I love friends who greet me with a smile, reach out to hug me tight and then step back into their space. Thankfully, I have lots of those good  folks around me.

And then there are the “Throw Their Arm Around You” kind of folks, the “Come On With Me A Bit, Hang Close,” folks  – who whisper such into your ear as they pull you along, without a real option of release. They are rare in this life. And maybe the most precious thing God ever sends me.

I have one of those. You may be imagining a woman, a little older than I am. You may be imagining a childhood friend, still in it with me, all these years later. But, my Alabama “Arm Around, Come On…” pal, is 18, and going on 50, in so many ways. She has escorted me to so many places to which I probably would not have dared to journey, on my own. Artist do that; they dare us. Pals, who are artist, walk those frightening paths with us, making sure to stay near and that we can feel them so, even if that sometimes feels like a choke hold, if we do not keep our legs in stride with theirs. ‘Cause they aren’t stopping and they aren’t letting go, either.

Tonight, my pal, Hannah, is playing an hour set on the radio for one of my bestest buddy’s radio show. I get to go along, since for once, I pulled her into this. My universes are converging. And though my chest is pretty full of the adrenaline that goes along with this kind of thing, “I’m not afraid.” ( just psyched.)

So, you all may want to listen in to hear great music – your favorite covers and a few of Hannah’s own songs. Here’s the link to listen tonight, 8pm to 9pm, Alabama time. (CT)


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