We all came back alive

This past weekend we finally pulled off our long-awaited, “Weed out the Weenies” weekend. We camped, no bathrooms, no electricity, no running water, in the relative wild of Helena, Alabama. There were a few fateful moments of potential pitfall, including our 1am pitch black ( no flashlights) Capture the Flag game in a field that daylight revealed to be more treacherous than did the flickers of the falling stars that cheered us. But, though we did stumble and otherwise fall a time or two, no one was cast head long nor seriously hurt. And we made up quickly for any bravado we showed during the game…we are serious gamers.

Jeremy, Tiff and I sat in the warmth of a fire, watching faces that we love more than life, speak hard questions and respond to them, not with proof texts and platitudes, but with unshakeable Love. Somehow, these kids get what it took us years of unlearning and then learning to get ourselves. They run through the ravines and briars and pitted places that snared us and rolled us to the ground and charged us for the experience.  They run narrow, dangerous spaces as if they are wide and smooth. Because, to them, led of Love, only, they are.

I find myself too often, frozen or feeling my way along, only inching my feet forward, trying to stay on the track of Love…

God, put me, too, in that wide, safe space…and let me, too, run without regard for life and limb. Amen


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  1. pjermsims

    Good stuff. Write more. I want to know more of what I experienced this weekend hero reflector!

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