parenting books???

Sarah Bessey is asking us about our favorite parenting books today. Hmmm. I don’t have any to suggest. I do have a few to NOT suggest. But, I am hardly an award-winning mother of young children. I survived and heck, I want a medal just for that.

I had 4 children under 6 and THREE restaurants and a ministry. Yes, I am an idiot. No, I do not recommend it. But, we did survive and now they are all teenagers. 18-13. And they are fabulous. I take NO credit. I have no idea how that came to be. It should not have, circumstance and my craziness were stacked against them. But, they are OK; honestly, they are as wonderful as your kids. I know that should not be so.

Now, as clueless as I am with kiddos, I am competent with teens. I am most everybody’s other mama, mentor, favorite teacher or youth minister. I get teens. I love teenagers. I LIKE THEM. ( I think that is my secret. They know it.)

Here’s my two cents you paranoid parents of upcoming teens. ( This is not no-fail advice. Everything fails sometimes.)

 Study your child. Know them, well. Listen to them and remember what they say. Talk with them in light of what they have shared, don’t just randomly probe, revisit what they do offer and expand. It works for me with mine and lots of other folks’ kids.
I think we all just want to be heard and loved for who we really are. That’s true for kids, too.
Enough preaching.
Making a list to consult from Sarah’s site.
 Maybe I can do better with littles as a grandparent.


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2 responses to “parenting books???

  1. Bahaha! This is what I keep saying about parenting books, too. Although I’ll say that Anne Lamott’s Operating Instructions and Some Assembly Required are, so far, the closest, though I’m certain she’d laugh her head off at the books being called “parenting books.” More like “yippee! i’m surviving!” books.

    Love your teen advice – well said.

  2. Thanks, Beth. It has been a joy to discover your tales. You are a scream. I love people who can make me laugh. I collect them. I’ll be reading!

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