I need a prompt

I wrote a piece earlier in the week for Amber. It was better than most of the stuff I scrawl here. I write fairly prolifically in some other venues: I have a couple of private blogs I write within: one with other local writers and one with mentors/mentees. I google doc a few unfortunates nearly daily about my latest somewhat strange concern/obsession/genius idea and I journal somewhat regularly. I write rather prolifically and quickly. I can do volume. But, this blog was designed around my teaching discoveries and needs and I don’t teach classes which lend themselves to writing creatively this year. I doubt seriously that you all are up to reading high school seniors’ take on economic questions. I make myself read them… So, since this is the space in which I connect to people outside my little geographical world, I want to find a way to use it well. I would miss all of you terribly.

Oh yeah, I am also working on a curriculum and helping edit a scholarly paper for a friend. Folks, my brain needs some assistance. Do you have a set of prompts that worked well for you? I have used all of my go-to’s here already. Could you throw a few my way?



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  1. Howdy miss Kimberly –

    Thanks for stopping by my place lately. It’s always grand to meet new folks out here in Cyberland.

    So… for writing prompts, I just use images. Cut one out of a magazine, use one off your computer, one outta your camera, etc. and write, write, write the story or poem or whatever that it conjures.

    Hope that helps.


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