inside, OUT

I live in a very conservative,  constrictive, state. One can barely stretch, much less move. Often, dialogue and discovery are not encouraged, exploration is portrayed as an Enemy to be corralled, even eviscerated.

I love dialogue and discovery. I love learning, pressing paradigms, considering alternative options and better, innovative, new ones.  My kids are like me, my natural ones and my spiritual ones. They like the tension and the questions and the freedom of exploration.

Yesterday, while we sat before my fire, eating our down-home butter beans and squash casserole,  some of my kids and I looked at photos from a famous photographer…many of the shots taken at festivals in the Pacific Northwest. My son, the wanderer want to be, keeps begging me to take him there…my daughter, not naturally, pulled these shots for us to see. We stared at the foreignness that does not frighten them AT ALL: the glorious landscapes and the free-falling, high-flying folks.

“Take us,” they whispered.

I nodded gently, yes.

We are surreptitious in the way we wind in thoughts and images and mindsets more free. We play the music that calls such from us, we paint and write and dream.

My son presently wears his hair longer than mine. My adopted daughter, who helped us design costume yesterday, wrapped her hair in tartan plaid and bore it about all day as if she were a proud Kenyan or guru in India.

Some folks look strangely at these two…truth is, they are brave and strong enough to be – on the outside all they are within.

Dang, I admire them.



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3 responses to “inside, OUT

  1. Kim, I love how you tell this story of your children. I love how you stir the adventurer in me, too, as you describe their long hair, their wanderlust, the tartan on plaid wrapped around a beautiful head. And, tell me, tell me, it’s not metaphor…you really are coming “out West”…please?! 🙂

    • There is no way my boy is going to let me out of this trip. We punted to an island adventure last year with him and his pals. I have a couple of excursions on the docket for my younger ones, but these two can talk me into most anything…I am sure they are already pricing flights and/or train passes to Oregon. I am going to do my level best to get us there.

  2. I’ve sometimes wished I had a reason to go “down south,” because as a Westerner (who went through a headscarf/turban wearing phase), where I’m often the most conservative person around (Orthodox hippie as I am), it sounds intriguing and different. But then I figure I’d probably hang out with the sorts of folks who find that charming, thus defeating the purpose.

    Have a good time in Oregon! Enjoy some singer/songwriter cafe time 🙂

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