Linking up with the beauty at The Runamuck today. Check out Amber Haines latest offering in our Concrete to Abstraction series. It has been a joy to read so many fabulous pieces linked there. Check them out as well. And submit your own. We’d love the company. This week our word is SWEATER. I kept it. You said it looked better on me, tossed it over to me, warm and wool.  Our clime did not warrant it. But, I loved it…as it was yours, who covered and kept all my secrets, warmed my still cold soul.  For years, I wore it anytime the wind blew hard, threatened to swallow me. It seemed too much, as if it would  be scratchy, but it was not so. I first wore it in pictures, winter ones, before we all left out for our other homes. It is in my closet, near the one the little Peruvian lady mailed to Rob, the Christmas after he paid to tow her stranded car, in a city that was not his, and then paid to fix it,  with a sum she and her teenage son, Han, could not understand, a man they did not know, assuming. That Christmas they sent us sweaters she had made, softer than silk, Alpaca, deep greens…and a Christmas card in hesitate, yet beautiful English. The cards continued for years. Always signed, “Han’s mother.” Both are too warm for wearing in Alabama, both speak of a love, too much…  more than enough to cover and keep. So I store them high in my closet, not cloistered away in cedar…to remind me of love, too much.



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  1. Dirtroadgigi


  2. Kim, love your words here. Oh how warm and lovely. Isn’t Ambers warm and lovely too. I am in awe of the memory trails these sweaters take us down and on. What brilliance you all bring in your gentle telling of the past woven in these sweaters. Counting myself privileged to be a part of this group of concrete women. Look forward to The Frost. Though now, I can’t quite imagine where it will take me. Isn’t that the joy of it all.

  3. Oh, Kim, these stories. You draw me right in…I want to hear so much more about these treasures. The ones you can’t wear in your current place, but that remind you of all that love. The story of Han’s mother — what a beautiful short story that would be. Thankful for this community, friend, and for you. (By the way, I recently came across words you’d left about me at Lisa-Jo’s place. My goodness, lady, so humbled. Thank you.)

  4. Karen Ricketts

    You still have it…that touches my heart. I thought of that sweater not long ago. I was unpacking a box of books from my parents’ house and an old snapshot slipped out, taken the Christmas my grandmother gave me that sweater. I remembered how it looked better on you, brought out the color of your eyes. I love that you still have it, that concrete symbol of love passed on from my sweet praying grandmother to me to you.

    Beautiful story of Rob and the little Peruvian lady!

  5. Mia

    Hi Kim
    Your words are so vulnerable. I have come to realize that when you love, you open your heart for a whole new world to live inside you and that can hurt.

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