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I’m finally going shopping…

I’m finally going shopping. My kids’ lists are short…they are getting older, and wiser. “Mama, we don’t really need…anything. Can we send some chickens, ducks or a goat to some World Vision kids?” (That makes me smile as a parent.) They don’t, Rob and I don’t…really need anything. We are so richly blessed…with a nice, safe home, a little money in the bank, Rob has a good paying job, working for someone he respects. I have a dream job, that affords me not a wardrobe straight off the racks at Ann Taylor, but the opportunity to be who I am and do what I do, to the glory of God, everyday with kids that I love.

My kids have food in their  mouths, every twenty minutes, and nice clothes. We have family who is healthy and that we get to see often. We have a church home that may be the very best imaginable.  We have good friends who have stuck by and with us for twenty years now, through all kinds of  trouble and difficulty and joy.

Yesterday, Rob, Trent and Molly, all suckers for just one more…brought home a little puppy from the hunting club. Someone had put its mama out there, probably pregnant with this little gal. We have a dog, cats, a mouse – gerbil- hamster, something, we probably have at least a few fish, in somebody’s tank; Spring will gain us many creek samples of species for my biologist son. I don’t need a puppy. But, that puppy needs us. So, maybe Christmas is turning itself upside down a little more as Miss Ann would urge, in the Sullivan home.

Last night, I fed many of my “other” kids. Some have been around our table a while, others came for the first, but I doubt the last time. Some of them have good homes, caring mamas and daddies…some…

But just like that little puppy, staring in my glass door, reminds me… there is always room, in this house that is not built for entertaining, but for loving…for one more.



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