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Indoition #1

Y’all think with me about times in your life when someone, anyone, said, did just the right thing to encourage, strengthen, stabilize you a bit. That’s what Jerm is talking about with our “Indoition” campaign: it’s our being sensitive to hear what others’ need and then having the compassion/passion to act on it.

Here is my yesterday example. Homecoming begins this next week. I am in charge, better, responsible for the whole shooting match save Powder Puff. I am not nearly ready, much is still up in the air. I’m pretty stressed and tired already. I walked into the volleyball tournament to check on the JV girls. They had just played so I was leaving to go get more float paraphernalia. I’m about to hit the door bar. Miss Diana hollers my name – like loud – it stops me, “Mrs. Sullivan, I sure do love you.”

Noticing me, in a non-normal mode, she could have just let me walk on and whispered a prayer. She could have called my name and waved. She could have sent me a text, “I’m here to help” or “I’m praying.” She could have done lots of kind loving things. All would have been appreciated. All would have helped me.

But she didn’t – she called out that she loved me, loud, in front of all those visiting teams and parents. And it arrested me. It bore deep into me, it was God hollering through her. After the very worst day I have ever had at KCS, a day I nearly walked out for a real job, I heard in her, “I love you,” so much more. My head turned and I saw Madeline, Kenzie and Hannah sitting on the floor. Madeline who never  fails to grab me and tell me that she loves me. Kenzie,  the inheritor of my passion for youth ministry, and one who will surely exponentially out-influence me. Hannah, who never says a word to me, who watches to see who and how I will be.

That’s indoition. That’s how it works. We just echo what we hear, in content and tone. We just do what we see the Holy Spirit showing us to do, the way we are shown to do it. That’s all it is, Indoition. God invades the obedience and shows Himself and changes people.

I so, as never before, see the power of such.

Let’s Intuit; let’s do it.



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