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We had our annual pool party for the youth group last night. We have a couple each summer. They are always well attended (translation: crazy. Sorry, lifeguards. You guys so earn your money.) It was a good time to catch up with some of the students.

We announced yesterday at EPOCH that I had the new applications for EDGE, for the students to come see me about them. So, last night, one of my jobs was to make sure all who wanted one, received one.

An adorable little transplant from Mississippi, good things seem to roll my way from there, ( who happened to room with me at The Freak) came up to me eyes all shining. “What is EDGE exactly? I’ve heard great things. I think I really want be in it.”

“You know,” I struggled. (We don’t really have a marketing strategy or blurb, though I’ve written some professional sounding paragraphs before.) “It’s kinda hard to explain. It’s not really leadership training,” though the students do seem to hone in on their callings and grow in them. “It’s more, it’s different…It’s not hands on ministry training,” though we do some, okay a lot. “It’s community, community loosely cradled in commonly employed disciplines which are ancient and ever new. We learn to listen, to be still, to express, to examine, to encourage, to pray and work in concert with God’s Spirit… and in the process we learn to love who God just might be (Who we hoped, not feared) and the beautiful people whom He has fashioned.”

EDGE is about life shared and enjoyed and gained with God. It’s not systems ( We try new things all the time.)

I struggled to tell this fresh face what it is. I choked words out through some emotion, “It’s the best thing I have ever been associated with. And the best we’ve got to share with you.”

I was thinking that it’s the invaluable that we have stumbled upon, that we’ve mined, that we have found on the other side of failure and desperation… and that we have surrendered to… broken and comforted …in the so very strong arms of God’s grace.

I don’t know if I answered any of her real questions. I hope so. She took the application and related how she was going home to fill it out.




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