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bringing home blue

I heard before she could get to me… “Molly, is SO excited about winning! You should see her.”  I smiled and made my way to her. She came at me, blue ribbon out in front of her, showing it big, the way one does a bass for potential onlookers. I smiled and tried to match her glee, impossible, but I did my best.“Mama, I got first place!” she danced out each word.“You sure did! You worked hard on that project and your board.” She did every bit herself. “It looked so great!”“I know,” she beamed on. “I’ve got to take it to Dr. Thomas’ room. The winners are keeping their science fair projects in her room.
”Molly is my can-do girl. My helper at home. I call her name constantly, to pick up the trail of clothes, and stuff in her wake…and to help me do something: cook some new recipe, solve a problem, decorate or make something mundane a big deal.

Molly may not be our valedictorian, she has inherited her brother’s philosophy about school. (It’s a good place to hang out with friends and socialize.) But, she is quite capable, blue- ribbon so, when she puts her mind and heart to it.



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my girls are growing up

Trent is graduating this year, so a lot of conversation occurs about it in  my life…but, in some ways, the girls shock me even more, in their growing up.

Take a look see. SO glad Trento gained so much muscle mass this year. His Daddy will need his help.

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