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lifelong learning

We are all lifelong learners in a sense. That is, we are signed up for the course. Whether we pay attention enough to discern the offering of such course is up to us.

I like people who like to learn. Whether they like learning through books, or tv, or movies, or even real life – learners – people who notice new things, share them, apply the knowledge and understanding that they gain, those who rejoice in change for the better are just invigorating to be around.

People who enjoy the status quo and stagnancy are about as attractive as a drink of  brackish water. That’s what my favorite verse, Jeremiah 48:11, is all about. “Moab has been on his lees from his youth, he has not been tipped over from vessel to vessel.” It is the picture of stagnancy – the build-up of crud that after a time becomes unnoticeable to the palate, even familiar and in such, desirable.

It is the picture of one for whom familiar crud is better than examining, straining, adding, mixing.

Mrs.Pickett, my principal, is a learner. Everyday she asks me about something new. Did you see this on the news? Did you read about that? Did you notice the relationship between? She challenges and inspires and motivates me everyday to see more, understand more, live more open to gain. I am losing her to the Peace Corps in the Philippines this summer. I hope they learn a lot. Her loss in my life is huge. My learner leaders are few.

Learning is fun and makes life interesting. Too many students groan when I ask them to look into something, like learning is some curse of the fall, complete with thorns and thistles. But I argue it is the antithesis of such. It is the joy of discovery, adventure, and curiosity yet alive in man, that proves us made in God’s image.

I love to learn.


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