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So many of the big dogs in the blog world – my heroes and mentors and the helpers of my heart… are listening for a word, one word to help focus their year. I’ve been listening myself, since I heard the rumblings of their quest. Today, tonight actually, it settled out…for so many reasons, many of which I will contend to share in this blog.  My word is… vision. It calls on the strongest and weakest things in me, alike. It presses me forward, pulls me on. In some ways, it sums up my calling.

2011 – vision come to pass and vision received.



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Here’s my promise

I’m going to be braver. I’m going to listen less to my head and more to my spirit.

I’m going to be more focused on what matters. I’m going to listen and look for it showing its face around me.

I’m going to be incredibly thankful for the good things and friends who have come into my life, especially of late, and let that be encouragement to me that more and not less purpose and joy await me this coming year.

I’m going to write the things that need to be written in this next season. I’m going to corner myself and determine just those very things, and I am going to write them free.

I hope you will join me on this journey. Your partnership thus far is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. Thank you.


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